IBM AI Marketing Tools

IIBM has various marketing automation solutions based on machine learning. Among them:

Watson Campaign Automation

SaaS marketing automation solution. Deliver personalized customer communications across email, mobile push, SMS and social.

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Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Provides end-to-end customer experience analytics for each of the marketing channels. Tracks customer journey and helps improve the efficiency of individual stages.

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Watson Assistant

The system for creating chat bots that can answer questions, take orders and provide a payment process.

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IBM Tealeaf

Comprehensive analytics for web-interface and mobile devices. UI/UX analytics.  

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Watson Real-Time Personalization

Deliver personalized content to each website visitor based on real-time interactions.

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IBM Interact

Support system for omnichannel marketing. Providing personalized and synchronized customer communications.

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Universal Behavior Exchange

Integrating customer behavior data from multiple marketing platforms without waiting for IT.

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Watson Tone Analyzer

Understand emotions and communication style in text.

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IBM Cognos Analytics

Universal solution for business intelligence based on AI.