Machine learning and AI marketing conferences 2020

Dates Description Place
30-31 January, 2020  AI Assistant Summit  San Francisco, USA
Applying ML & deep learning to create AI Assistants & conversational interfaces to create deeper, more personalised one-to-one customer experiences.
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21-22 May, 2020  AI For CPG Summit Austin, USA
Bridging the gap between the latest
technological research advancements and real
world applications of AI for CPGs.
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July 14-16, 2020  Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference Cleveland, OH, USA
MAICON brings together top authors, entrepreneurs, AI researchers and executives to share case studies, strategies and technologies that make AI approachable and actionable for marketers. The conference is designed to help marketing leaders truly understand AI, educate their teams, garner executive support, pilot priority AI uses cases, and develop a near-term strategy for successfully scaling AI. More ->