Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing: Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Operations

Author: Ilia Katcov
Publisher: Ilia Katcov, Grid Dynamic (2017)
Language: English
Pages: 506 pages

The author provides the definition of algorithmic marketing, makes review of predictive modeling, tells about artificial intelligence for advertisements, pricing and product assortiment. So it is one of the first book that describes all marketing tools through machine learning.


Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications

Author: Jim Sterne
Publisher: Wiley (2017)
Language: English
Pages: 368 pages

This book has been written specifically for marketers. It teach how to use AI to improve marketing efficiency. The book includes definitions of AI terms, illustrations, case studies for all marketing components: the customer journey, marketing mix, customer lifetime value, marketplace segmentation, social media engagement, merchandising, customer service , etc.


Machine Learning for Marketers Guide

Publisher: iPullRank (2017)
Language: English
Pages: 91 pages

This development has led to not only the rise of machine learning and AI advancements, but, more importantly, also advancements inexpensive enough for anyone to use.