The Digital Enterprise Moving from experimentation to transformation

It is a practical guide from World Economic Forum (in collaboration with Bain & Company) on how to envision, structure, and sequence successful digital transformation efforts for your enterprise. The guide helps senior executives provide digital transformation and avoid common patterns of failure.

Publisher:  World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Bain & Company
Language: English
Year: 2018
Pages: 46 pages


  1. Introduction
    • Digital strategy
    • Today forward/future back
    • Digital departure: 1,000 points of digital light
    • Industry direction: “Autonomous and electric” – what’s yours?
    • Company vision: Your role in a digital future
      • Case study: Equinox and Peloton
    • Waves and stepping stones: Traditional plans start too late and are too static
      • Case study: Kaiser Permanente
      • Case study: Vehicle manufacturer
  2. Business model
    • Rediscovering the raw customer need unconstrained by the current model
      • Case study: Netflix
      • Case study: Walmart
    • Customer and channel engagement: Digital technology makes excellence viral but mediocrity
    • Products and services: The raw customer need is permanent; a company’s products are temporary responses
    • Economic model: Don’t layer a new economic model on top of a legacy business
    • Operations: Synchronize operations and the front end to achieve the vision for the business short-lived
  3. Enablers
    • The engine of a transformation
      • Case study: Facebook
    • Data and analytics: Start with value, not data
      • Case study: Airbnb
    • Systems and technology: Technology questions are now questions for CEOs
      • Case study: Electronic Arts
    • Talent and culture: With digital technologies, they matter more than ever
      • Case study: Equinor
    • Operating model and partnerships: Traditional models are inhibitors
      • Case study: Equinor (No.2)
      • Case study: Nokia
  4. Orchestration
    • Experimentation is easy; transformation is hard
    • Scaling: Win, scale, amplify
    • Governance, metrics and risk management: Set priorities and guardrails to govern grass-roots innovation
      • Case study: Kaiser Permanente Orchestration
    • Leadership and engagement: Harness the power of communities through digital and physical channels
      • Case study: Shell
    • Funding and investor management: Make the case for funding and investing in digital transformation
      • Case study: Munich Re
      • Case study: Domino’s Pizza
    • Regulatory and community engagement: Take a proactive and positive approach
  5. Conclusion
  6. Acknowledgements


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