Research report: Artificial Intelligence for Marketers 2018

The advent of new algorithms, faster processing and massive, cloud-based data sets is making it possible for companies in all industries to experiment with artificial intelligence (AI). And while marketing and sales are particularly ripe for innovation, it’s still early days for adoption. Brands and agencies are working together to navigate a web of quickly evolving solutions.

This report is a great example of eMarketer data and insight that explain the current state of the market for AI, the forces that are driving the market forward and best practices for marketers interested in putting AI to work.

Publisher: eMarketer, Inc
Language: English
Year: October 2017
Pages: 20 pages


Artificial Intelligence for Marketers 2018: Finding Value Beyond the Hype

  1. An Immature Market in Growth Mode
  2. Investment Moves Full Steam Ahead
  3. AI for Marketing: Still Early Days
  4. Overcoming Obstacles
  5. Best Practices for Marketers
  6. AI Terminology


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