Brands, meet AI

AI Marketing Summit 2018Soon one of the first conferences on the technology of applying artificial intelligence in marketing will take place. The Digiday AI Marketing Summit will dive deep into how marketers can understand and use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Brand and agency leaders will share how they’re using this new technology for everything from shifting how media dollars are deployed, to customer service, to using AI for content curation.

Dates: 11-13 April 2018

Place: Santa Barbara, USA


  • Sandbox Presentations
  • State of the Industry & Digiday Challenge Board
  • How Does AI Apply to Marketing?
  • Personalizing Experiences with AI Chatbots No Matter How Big or Small the Brand
  • Workshop with Quantcast
  • Building Deeper Connections
  • The Continually Connected Customer
  • Working Group Sessions
  • Brand Participant Reception
  • How to Win at Voice
  • A Photo into the Future
  • Democratizing Personal Health & Fitness Through AI
  • AI is Transforming the American Mall
  • Using AI to Motivate Fitness Club Members
  • Inside the Customer Care Revolution: How Partnerships and AI are Helping Samsung Revolutionize Care to American Consumers
  • How Chevron Took to the Hill Using Emerging Technology
  • Voice Assistants
  • Can AI Turn Insurance Into a Fluid Product
  • Establishing the ‘Blue Book’ Standard

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